(review) Sophie Capacabana Body Lotion


Today i'm gonna make a review about one of my body lotion from sophie paris . Why i choose this body lotion ? I'm interested 'cause it has unique fragrance from extract licorice . 

Looking from health medical web, they're write for medical treatment they use licorice root for peptic ulcers, cancer sores, eczema, dyspepsia, upper respiratory infections as cold and cough and for weight loss, not for whitening ?? 

Okay forgotten . In catalogs, copacabana has 4 series : roll on, body salt, body butter and body lotion . I'm just buy the body salt with body lotion . 


For the size, it has 180 ml, that's so much for me (" `з´ ) .  I've never know the real fragrant licorice but i'm love it, so sweet and soft (‾▽‾) 

it was dirty T_T

Oh yeah, just now i look from nivea fb, they use licorice too in Visage Sparkling White series , maybe i'm must be patient to get the result (^▽^)


Well, they're not only use licorice, i'm not really know about the other ingredients, but i love the beeswax, maybe it make this lotion so soft  #cmiiw (♥ε♥)


For the packing, nothing special, same as other lotion they use tube, troublesome for use of must hasty  (‾^‾)



* it's very affordable , just 3.29 dollar (40 ribu)
* smell good
* soft texture


* not to fast absorb
* nothing spf
* not stay on long time

Repurchase : I don't think so, i want to try other

 ★ Thankyu for reading  

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